Inheritance, Estate Succession & Trusts

Often times, we are bothered by the thoughts of how our estate would be managed after we are gone. And when we lose our benefactors, we want to ensure that we get our due share of what is meant for us from the estate of the deceased.

At Allen & Marylebone, we guide you through the whole process of ensuring that distribution of your estate after your demise is smooth and without rancor. We advise and help prepare your Will (where you need one) or advice you on the various ways you can bequeath your estate to your loved ones while alive, such that their welfare and interest are protected in your death.

We advise clients on the creation of Trusts for the benefit of their dependents and charitable causes. We advise and represent beneficiaries of the estate of a deceased person to ensure that whatever be their due inheritance is given to them.

We draft and register Wills, process probates and letters of administration on behalf of our clients. We stand by you to ensure that you are not disinherited.